About Body Wellness

Body Wellness® has been providing personal and on site corporate wellness programs since January 1989.  In 2003 they began bringing their fine programs to Gated Communities and Country Clubs. Their mission is to help educate people with regard to the value of health, fitness and wellness within their personal lives.  Today they provide one two hundred and fifty health & fitness programs.

In their twenty seven year history Body Wellness® has provided wellness programs to schools, hospitals, government agencies, corporations, gated communities, country clubs and individuals.

The Body Wellness® philosophy addresses “Health as a “Triune Focus®”: diet/nutrition,   mental/spiritual conditioning and physical conditioning. For one to attain perfect health, these three areas of our lives must be addressed.

Body Wellness® presents the latest research available on health and well-being and we are continuously introducing the works of the most respected leaders in the health, healing and wellness field. All of their facilitators are professionals and many are considered experts in their respective fields.

As a result of imparting this knowledge people are able to enjoy life to the fullest. They are more effective at handling the stresses and challenges of a demanding world. Or just find that they are enjoying the golden years much better, without the worry of health concerns or illness. Implementing this kind of internal support system within our community can create an atmosphere of healthy, positive spirited people who are full of energy and enjoying what life has to offer at this time in their lives.  

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Fitness Gym Hours:
24- hours a day your fitness gym is available! 
Use your access cards through the side gate
by the children's activity area.
After hours are for the adult Bridges members only.

Athletic shoes and shirts must be worn at all times!

Fitness Inquiries:


Click on the above link, Click on COMMUNITY SIGN IN in the top, right corner and use the community code: BRIDGES!! Follow the prompts from there.

Available Classes


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